Lipo Laser

Description: There are many machines & technologies available for delivering weight loss treatments in the market. Many of them are invasive & many non-invasive. Lipo Laser is one of the non-invasive techniques which uses 635 – 650 nm laser diodes to deliver safe, easy & result oriented inch loss treatment to the targeted area of the body. These laser lights reduce the stability of adipocyte fat cell membranes, allowing cells to release their fat without any damage to the cells. This fat is released in the extracellular space, which one can get rid off by doing a 20-30 Minute cardio-based exercise like Treadmill, Biking, Cross-Trainer or even aerobics. Along with exercise, following a proper nutrition plan and ensuring proper hydration is also important. Thus, the whole approach is targeted towards encouraging lifestyle change in a person, which leads to credible & permanent results. Global Wellness brings in the best technology available in the market & deploys it under a unique ‘Plug & Play’ business model.

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